Payment terminals

Get started with your terminal by exploring our user manuals. Learn how to set the device up, connect it to your network and process transactions.

We offer a range of the latest Verifone terminals. These all include:

Countertop - P400 Plus Multimedia - MX925 Portable - V400M Handheld - E355

Our basic countertop terminal.

A countertop terminal with a large screen that can be used by both the shopper and cashier. Can be customized to display the line items of an order, rich media advertising, and surveys.

A portable terminal with a built-in printer. It recharges using a base station.

Can be connected to an iPad Mini, or used with the Adyen iOS or Android library or app.

Set up this terminal. Set up this terminal. Set up this terminal.

You can order terminals directly from your Customer Area. Once ordered, we'll dispatch the terminal to you on the next business day.