Basic functionality - e315

Perform basic functions on your terminal, like making a chip or magnetic stripe transaction, printing totals and performing refunds.

When using an iPhone 5, you should have a valid SIM card to conduct transactions. For more information on installing/replacing a SIM card, refer to the appropriate Apple documentation or visit the Apple Web site.

If the terminal shows an exclamation at the top bar, this means that the terminal holds data that it failed to synchronise with the Adyen payments platform due to lack of an outgoing internet connection.

Barcode Reader

The two Action buttons located on both sides of the terminal, activates the barcode reader. Press either of the buttons to scan barcodes.

EMV (chip) transaction

  1. Initiate a transaction via your app on the iPhone/iPod.
  2. When the terminal is ready, insert the smart card end of the EMV card into the keypad, seating it firmly.
  3. The terminal either asks for a PIN or displays the message "Please turn over", prompting the iOS app to capture a signature.
  4. After the signature is confirmed, the terminal prompts to remove the EMV card.

Magnetic stripe transaction

  1. Turn the e315 so that the keypad faces down, and position the magnetic stripe facing you.
  2. Slide the magnetic stripe from top to bottom of the terminal.

Contactless Transactions

Gently tap the card or hold the card against the surface of the contactless antenna, located above the keypad and LCD with a CTLS symbol.