Board the terminal - e315

Board a terminal to register and use it with the Adyen payments platform.

Before you begin


  1. After you install the iOS device into the e315 terminal, power on both the devices.
  2. In the iOS App, log in using your web service user credentials.
  3. Tap the options menu button in the top right.
  4. Tap Payment Device.
  5. Under the Payment Device list, the e315 appears as PAYWare Mobile Reader and is displayed as Not boarded.
  6. Choose PAYWare Mobile Reader in the device list to board the terminal.
  7. The e315 reboots automatically during this process.
  8. After the reboot is complete, select the “ready for use” Payware Mobile Reader.
  9. The terminal is boarded and ready to use.

See Basic Functionality - e315 for information on processing payments.