Basic functionality - e355

Perform basic functions on your terminal, like making a chip or magnetic stripe transaction, printing totals and performing refunds.

Verifone e355 schematic diagram

When using the  e355 with the Adyen POS App on a mobile device, the terminal and Adyen POS App must be on the same network.

If the terminal shows an exclamation at the top bar, this means that the terminal holds data that it failed to synchronise with the Adyen payments platform due to lack of an outgoing internet connection.

Make a payment with EMV (Chip)

  1. Initiate a transaction using your cash register app on the mobile device.
  2. Position the card with the chip facing in the same direction as the keypad.
  3. Insert the card into the reader slot in a smooth, continuous motion until it seats firmly.
  4. The terminal asks for a PIN.

     For Chip & Sign, a signature prompt occurs instead of a PIN prompt.

  5. Wait for the application to indicate a completed transaction before removing the card. Removing the card prematurely will cancel the transaction

Make a payment with magnetic stripe

  1. Position the card with the magnetic stripe facing away from you.
  2. To ensure a proper read of the magnetic swipe card, insert the magnetic card from the top of the device.
  3. Swipe the card through the magnetic card reader.

Make a payment with barcode

Adyen provides two models of the e355 terminal, one with a barcode reader and one without. 

On the model with a barcode reader:

  1. Locate the two action buttons, located on both sides of the terminal, activate the 2D imager for reading barcodes.
  2. Press either of the buttons to scan a barcode.

The frame also includes two action buttons to activate the barcode reader. These buttons are only functional if an iPad is connected to the frame.

Make a payment with contactless

  • Gently tap the card or hold the card against the surface of the contactless antenna, located above the keypad and LCD.