Order terminals

Order terminals to process payments at your point of sale.

Before you begin


  1. Open the Customer Area
  2. Go to your company account.

    Terminals can not be ordered at a merchant account level.

  3. From the navigation menu, click Point of sale.

  4. Click Terminal orders > Place an order.

    If the Place an order button is not shown, contact your company account admin.

  5. Fill in the merchant reference. Use whichever value you prefer. This will be shown on your invoice.

  6. Under Shipment details, choose the order delivery address by selecting a previously stored address.

    Update an existing address or create a new address by clicking Add a different address in the upper-right of the Shipment details section.

  7. Specify the details of order, such as terminals and accessories, under Order line details. 

     Based on this region you select, the power plugs for that region will be added to the order.

  8. Choose the terminal box (complete set) you want to order, or choose ‘individual parts’.  Please check all the parts you would like to order for this specific model against this specific quantity.

  9. Enter a number to specify a quantity.

  10. To add multiple terminals or accessories within the same order, click Add order line in the lower right.
  11. Click Submit order.

Next steps

Locate your track and trace number

After the terminal order is placed and the process is completed a Track & Trace will be created. 

You can locate this in the customer area:

  1. Click Point of Sale.
    On the right of the overview, you will see the carrier name.
  2. Click the name of the carrier.
    The track and trace details are displayed.