POS Terminal Fleet Manager

The Terminal Fleet Manager (TFM) system is a web-based solution used for facilitating, monitoring and controlling the distribution of products in a terminal.

Edit terminal configuration

POSTFM allows users to view and edit the configuration of their terminals from anywhere. Adyen's terminal fleet management system is accessible via the Customer Area. In this sub system you can view all registered POS and PEDs. Each user with POSTFM access can view, and depending on roles and permissions, edit a subset of the terminal configuration for a group of terminals or individual terminals. This system also provides the functionality to track PEDs to conform to the new PCI P2PE requirements.

You can configure the following:

  • About: Model, serial number, firmware version, system logs
  • Locale: Country code, language, and time zone
  • Display logo on screen
  • Maximum and minimum amounts that can be processed
  • Supported card brands and currencies
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • Gratuity
  • Contactless and Manual Key Entry abilities
  • Signature: if needed, accepted on paper receipt or screen
  • Receipt: header, footer, and print properties
  • Online/offline transaction properties
  • Standalone terminal: ability to perform transactions without an external cash register or device

For information on POSTFM settings, see the POS Terminal Fleet Manager settings reference topic.

Contact the Support Teamfor further information on terminal fleet management.