Basic functionality - VX690

Perform basic functions on your terminal, like making a chip or magnetic stripe transaction, printing totals and performing refunds.

EMV (chip) transaction


  1. Initiate a transaction via your app.

  2. When the terminal is ready, insert the chip card into the terminal and allow it to read the card.
  3. When prompted, the customer enters a PIN on the terminal and presses  confirm .

     For CHIP & Sign, a signature prompt occurs instead of a PIN prompt. Compare (i) the name and (ii) the signature on the card with the shopper’s ID. If they match, you can approve (1 additional receipt is printed) or decline (2 additional receipts are printed) the transaction on the device.

  4. After the authorization is approved, the terminal displays Approved and the card may be removed.

    Do NOT remove the card until prompted to do so or the transaction will be void.

  5. After each transaction, at least 2 receipts are printed:
    1. A merchant receipt
    2. A shopper receipt

Magnetic stripe transaction


  1. Initiate a transaction via your App or Cash Register.

  2. After the terminal is ready, swipe the magnetic stripe card through the reader on the right side of the terminal.
  3. Sign the transaction.
  4. After authorization approval, Approved message appears on the terminal signifying that the transaction is complete.
  5. After each transaction, at least 2 receipts are printed:
    1. A merchant receipt, and
    2. A shopper receipt.

To perform EMV or MagStripe transactions when terminal is in standalone mode, press Start on the screen, enter the amount and then press the confirm key.

If you do not have your admin PIN code, email

Printing shift and end-of-day totals


The terminal can print a summary with an overview of the total amounts processed since the last reset. 

If you want to print a summary report periodically, reset the counters after printing the report.

To print the day totals, do the following:

  1. Press  confirm  + 9.
  2. Enter the admin PIN code.
  3. Press 4. Totals.
  4. Press 2.  Print totals to print the day totals.
  5. After printing the day totals, press Yes to reset the counter.

Refund a transaction

A shopper may decide to return previously purchased goods, and you might want to start a refund transaction to pay back the corresponding amount to the shopper’s card.
For security reasons, Adyen enables refund functionality on a per-device basis. Moreover, you need to enter a password to 
perform a refund.

Perform a refund

To perform a refund, do the following:

  1. Press  confirm  + 8.
  2. Enter the admin PIN code.
  3. Enter the amount to refund, then proceed like in a normal transaction.

If the terminal shows an exclamation at the top bar, this means that the terminal holds data that it failed to synchronise with the Adyen payments platform due to lack of an outgoing internet connection.