Getting started - VX820 Duet

Get started with your new terminal. Power the device, connect it to your network, install the paper roll, and inspect the device to ensure it is secure. 

Provided components

  • VX820 payment terminal (PED)
  • Duet (base station with built-in printer)
  • Power supply
  • Privacy shield
  • Ethernet dongle
  • 1 paper roll

Getting started

Set up your device correctly before you start using:

  1. Plug the power supply cable in.
  2. Connect the base to the power supply cable.
  3. Connect the Duet base to the Internet via the ETH port.
  4. Place the receipt paper roll in the Duet base.
  5. Perform a device security inspection.
Using the wrong type of cable in the wrong port (for example, an ethernet cable in the RS232 port) might severely damage the device.


Although it is technically possible to use a serial connection between the POS and the PED, Adyen strongly recommends using Ethernet connectivity, due to its superior speed and performance with a number of Operating Systems.