Manual payment reconciliation

If you don't want to automate your reconciliation processes on a transaction-level, follow the same approach as outlined in Automate payment reconciliation but total the amounts as required prior to booking them in your accounting system (e.g. using the 'Creation date' in the settlement detail report to link to the day of sale).

Use the following approach:

  1. Validate your sales by summing the Gross Amount (PC) for all Authorised payments in the Payment accounting report. 

    You could skip this step if you accept a degree of delay in identifying discrepancies.

  2. Reconcile top-down and manage by exception. For example, first validate the total sales for the company and only review details for individual stores or payment methods if you identify a discrepancy.

  3. Use the aggregate settlement report each week/month, and book settled funds against your receivable balance, either on a rolling basis or against a specific sales period (e.g. sales day/week/month).
  4. Check that the total paid by Adyen, over multiple batches, balances your sales total. 
  5. Use the corresponding Received payment detailsPayment accounting and Open Balance Detail reports as well as the Adyen Customer Area to investigate discrepancies.