Your monthly invoice

In addition to settlement reporting, Adyen will issue a monthly invoice, on which applicable discounts are applied.

Adyen will credit (or debit) the difference between the invoice and the in-month deductions to the next settlement batch of one designated merchant account.



Settlement detail report

Evaluate how to book these credits/debits proportionally to the relevant cost centers, or whether to consider them as a single cost item booked at company level. 

Adyen does not deduct VAT/GST as part of the settlements during the month, but rather as part of the monthly invoice. Your invoice states applicable taxes, depending on the country of the billed entity for the different costs as follows:

Country Processing Fee Payment Method Fees* Terminal Costs**
ES yes no reverse-charged
FR yes no reverse-charged
NL yes yes yes
Other EFTA/EU countries reverse-charged reverse-charged reverse-charged
HK yes yes no
NZ yes yes no
SG yes yes no
Rest of world no no no

(*) Payment Method Fees include any Commission, Markup, Scheme Fees & Interchange charged per transaction.
(**) Terminal fees are billed on a separate invoice from payments processing.