Installment types

Installments need to be funded. Typically, there are two standard types of installments:

  • Issuer-funded installments - The merchant receives the money immediately in a lump sum, but the shopper will be charged by the issuer for each installment on a monthly basis.
  • Merchant-funded installments - The merchant receives the money after 30 days for each installment capture.

Adyen supports merchant-funded installments, as well as Issuer-funded installments in Mexico.

Installment payments in Brazil 

Adyen makes installment payments available in Brazil through the following financial institutions:

  • Cielo (Adyen carries out reconciliation for S-level merchants.)
  • Rede (formerly Redecard; Adyen does not carry out reconciliation)
  • Banco Santander (Adyen carries out reconciliation and provides settlement reports)