Installments in a nutshell

When you set up a process to support payments in installments, keep these guidelines into account:

  • Define the maximum number of installments a shopper can choose to fully pay for their purchase.
  • Define a time frame to spread the installments over.
    For example, 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.
  • Set the amount due per installment.
  • Set the interest rate to charge the shopper with for choosing installments as a payment method.
     Adyen does not calculate interest. Therefore, you should always send us the amount including the interest.
  • Usually, installments are due on a monthly basis, at the beginning or at the end of each month.
    Issuers control installment due dates.
    Merchants receive installment every 30 days from the corresponding payment capture day.

To learn more about the technical implementation of installments using our payment API, refer to the  installments object in the  authorise API call.