Merchant payout details sheet

The Merchant payout details sheet provides details of settlement batches, which had booked payments or had a merchant payout executed during the reporting period. This sheet shows an overview of items booked to the batch, including the net settled amount and cost, as well as the amount paid out to the merchant.

The following fields are included into each detail row on this sheet:

Field name Description
Account Code Indicates the merchant account.
Batch The numeric number of the settlement batch.
Begin Date The start date, from which transactions are booked into the batch (CET time zone).
End Date The end date, until which transactions are booked into the batch (CET time zone).
Payout Date

The date on which the merchant payout was booked (CET time zone).

Note that this value is empty if the batch did not result in a payout, for example in cases of a transfer to a subsequent batch to process negative payable/capture balances.

Month The month, in which the batch was closed.
[unnamed column] The three-character ISO code representing the primary settlement currency.
Payout Amount The payout amount.
Net & Cost fields

Available for Settled, PaidOut, Refunded, Bulk Settlement, Chargeback, Chargeback Reversed, PaidOut Reversed, and RefundedReversed.

Summary of payment-level mutations during the month:

  • Net – the net credit or debit amount;
  • Cost – the cost withheld/credited from the settlement (i.e. Commission, Markup, Interchange & Scheme fees, corresponds to fields 17-20 of the settlement detail report).
Payment Cost

The PaymentCost journal is only used in the following scenarios:

  • For Klarna payments, deductions such as late return fees will be booked using the PaymentCost journal type, referencing the pspReference of the original payment.

  • For ELO payments, financial adjustments and arbitration costs will be booked using the PaymentCost journal type.

  • AfterPay / AfterPayBE – When extra VAT charges are booked on the transaction.

  • MasterCardPersonalPayments – When the transaction fee for the payout is booked.

Balance Transfer BalanceTransfer to/from subsequent payable batches in order to process negative payable/capture balances or for batches that could not have been paid out.
Fee Adyen transaction fees for Received / SentForRefund / RefundedBulk transactions booked during the specified batch period.
Invoice Deduction Representing a monthly invoice that is credited/deducted from the account.
Deposit Correction Funds being withheld from/released to the account due to a change in the required security deposit (coverage of the exposure on the account).
Other Any other journal types booked to/from the settlement batch and not covered by the previous columns.
Rate The exchange rate from settlement currency to report currency.
Payout Amount Base Payout amount converted to report currency.