Payment accounting report legend

Reports are generated using UTF-8 encoding.
Type Code Description

Numeric types

I Integer (whole number).
FL Floating point number.
F Fixed point number (for amounts, precision is based on the currency exponent).

Character types

A Text field (alpha characters only).
N Text field (numeric characters only, treat as text).
AN Text field (alphanumeric characters only).
C Text field (unicode character set).

Other types

D Date field (Format: YYYY-MM-DD).
T Time field (format: HH:MM:SS).
  • Optionally a number following the type indicates the length of the field.
  • A length indication preceded by "X" indicates there is no hard limit imposed on the length of the field and that the value should be taken as a practical guideline.

For fields with *

The Data Type changes depending upon the record Type. Where the Type is one of the following values ('Fee', 'MiscCosts', 'MerchantPayout', 'InvoiceDeduction', 'DepositCorrection') the Data Type changes to C X80.