Risk management

The biggest challenge with fraud prevention is how you maintain your defenses without compromising the checkout experience, or accidentally refusing legitimate transactions. Adyen offers a wide range of risk management tools to minimize fraud without stopping genuine transactions. These tools can be configured according to your business situation.

3D Secure and Dynamic 3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication protocol that redirects shoppers to their card issuer, where they need to authenticate before the payment operation can send an authorisation request. While this increases security, it may have a negative impact on conversion, as it adds an extra step in the payment flow. 

Dynamic 3D Secure enables the establishment of rules that dictate whether a call for payment goes through 3D Secure or not, minimizing friction routing only high-risk transactions through this extra level of security. 


The Address Verification System (AVS) is a system used to verify the address of a person claiming to own a credit card. This results in better protection against fraud, and can increase the authorisation rate for recurring payments.


During an order lifecycle, a shopper may dispute a payment. They may contact you directly to try and reach a mutually satisfactory solution, for example a (partial) refund of their payment.

Device Fingerprinting

Device Fingerprinting allows you to log unique attributes of the shopper device and analyze them during repeat visits of the same shopper.