Web SDK Reference


Creates a form holding base64Url encoded JSON describing a Challenge request message and POST this to the Issuer URL via an iframe.

Name Type Description
acsURL String

A URL from the Issuer that points to the HTML for the Challenge screen.

Received as a result of an API response indicating a Challenge is required ("threeds2.threeDS2ResponseData.transStatus":"C").

cReqData Object An Object containing the properties needed to construct a Challenge request message.
  threeDSServerTransID String

The unique identifier for the 3D Secure 2.0 transaction.

  acsTransID String The unique transaction identifier assigned by the Issuer.
  messageVersion String

Protocol version identifier set by the 3DS Server when requesting authentication. This does not change during a 3D Secure 2.0 transaction.

  messageType String Identifies the type of message that is passed. For doChallenge, it is CReq – Challenge request.
iframeConfig Object  
  container iframe / Element

Contains a reference to an iframe OR a reference to an HTML Element (which will act as the parent for the holder of the generated iframe).

  size String

The two character string representing one of the five possible values for the size of the Challenge window presented to the shopper:

  • 01 = 250x400

  • 02 = 390x400

  • 03 = 500x600

  • 04 = 600x400

  • 05 = Full screen


Create a form holding base64Url encoded JSON and POST this to the 3DS Method URL via an iframe.

Name Type Description
serverTransactionID String The 3D Secure 2.0 Server Transaction ID.
methodURL String The 3DS Method URL for a particular BIN range.
threedsMethodNotificationURL String The 3DS Method Notification URL, a fully qualified (absolute) URL that the result of the 3DS Method URL call will be POST-ed to. Usually a page on the merchant's own domain.
container Element

Reference to an HTML Element – the parent for the holder of the generated iframe (for the 3DS Method URL call). If not specified, defaults to document.body.