UnionPay requires an additional security layer, SecurePlus, which uses telephone verification.

To use SecurePlus in Classic integration:

  1. Make an /authorise call and include the telephoneNumber field.
  2. If a response contains paRequest set to CUPSecurePlus-CollectSMSVerificationCode, this indicates that a verification code was sent to the provided phone number.
  3. On your web page collect the verification code from the shopper and make an /authorise3d call passing this code as the paResponse field value. In addition, include the  mpiImplementationType field in additionalData and set its value to CUPSecurePlus to indicate that you are making a SecurePlus request.
  4. You get a response with the payment status.

To use SecurePlus in Hosted Payment Pages:

  1. Make an /authorise call including the shopper.telephoneNumber field.
  2. A verification code is sent to the phone number provided by the shopper.
  3. After the shopper enters the code, Adyen processes the payment and sends you a response.

This flow is a part of our Risk Management system, and the authentication may be triggered dynamically based on the risk thresholds set by you.

To enable this feature, contact Support Team.