Dispute management

At some point between fulfilling orders, a shopper may dispute a payment. A shopper may contact you directly, in which case you can come to a solution with the shopper and possibly perform a (partial) refund of their payment. Alternatively, a shopper may raise the dispute directly with their issuer/bank. In this case, you manage the dispute through Adyen.

The circumstances under which a payment can be disputed vary, depending on the payment method. Regular bank transfers or iDEAL payments cannot (normally) be reversed, whereas direct debits and card payments can. Depending on the type and stage of the dispute, you may be able to defend it.

Dispute statuses

These are the possible dispute statuses in the Adyen payments platform:

View disputes

Any disputes are listed in your Customer Area under RiskDisputes. The Disputes menu is only visible if you have selected a merchant account (see Company and merchant accounts).

By clicking on the payment reference you can review the original payment. Clicking on the dispute reference shows you the information relating to the dispute. If a dispute is defendable you have an option to upload defense material.

Manually dispute chargebacks

If a dispute starts with a Notification of Chargeback (NOC) or a Request for Information (RFI) (i.e. not directly as a "chargeback"), you have the option to defend by supplying dispute defense material. For the defense material to qualify, it should be uploaded within 24 days of the RFI and 40 days for NOC. Depending on the product you are selling and the dispute reason you should document:

  • Proof of purchase (order information, checkout logs).
  • Information about the shopper (personal details, ID, telephone number, IP, account verification email, etc.).
  • Proof of delivery/fulfillment (delivery tracking log, product registration).

This information should be compiled in a PDF, JPG, or TIFF file and uploaded on the dispute details page. The status of the dispute then changes to InformationSupplied.

Only one document can be uploaded. This document should be formatted as A4 or US letter size in portrait mode. Detailed requirements can be found in the Dispute section of the Customer Area.

Automatically dispute chargebacks

Using our auto-defense system we automatically dispute applicable chargebacks with no action needed on the part of the merchant.

These chargebacks include:

  • Already refunded transactions (in which the refund occurred before the chargeback was sent).

  • Situations in which there is a liability shift (such as with 3D Secure or Apple Pay payments).

  • Chargebacks that include technical errors that invalidate them (such as when a chargeback is sent outside of the timeframe allowed by the schemes).

For more information, see Disputes.