This is Adyen’s integrated risk management solution. To help prevent fraud, RevenueProtect runs a series of risk checks on each payment. These determine the fraud score of a transaction.

The risk checks are run on shopper information you submit with each transaction. For more information, see Provide data for risk checks.

You can customize RevenueProtect's risk checks in the Customer Area.

The risk checks are run on shopper information you submit with each transaction. For more information, see Provide data for risk checks. Risk checks can also be skipped using additionalData. For more information, see Skip risk checks.

This section details each of the RevenueProtect risk checks, and explains how you configure them in the Customer Area.

Types of risk check

RevenueProtect includes the following risk checks.

Risk Check

Block and trust shoppers based on details such as email address, card number, transaction value, or more.

For more information see Referral Rules.


Block or trust shoppers based on details such as IP address, device, and online identity.

For more information see ShopperDNA Rules.


Decline shoppers when their details do not match those stored on file, or the payment details are suspicious.

For more information see Consistency Rules.


Decline shoppers that have attempted too many transactions.

For more information see Velocity Rules.


Create your own rules using the information contained within the additionalData object.

For more information see Create custom risk checks.


Configure third-party risk mitigation systems that have been enabled. To enable a third-party risk mitigation system contact the Support Team.

For more information see External Risk Checks.

Configuring the risk checks

When a risk check is triggered, the fraud score for the transaction increases. If the fraud score is 100 or higher the transaction is refused.

Some risk checks can also decrease the fraud score when they are triggered. This lets you accept payments from shoppers that would otherwise be refused.

You can configure how much the fraud score is adjusted when a risk check is triggered, in your Customer Area > RevenueProtect > Risk Engine Profiles.

Adding a positive value on the right determines how much the score will increase.

If a risk check allows you to decrease the fraud score, you can add a negative value on the left. This determines how much the fraud score with decrease when triggered.

Many risk checks are highly customizable, and allow you to make further configuration. You can do this by clicking theicon. For more information on how you can customize each risk checks, refer to <NAME OF SECTION HERE>.

The Adyen payments platform automatically blocks known fraudsters, regardless of the fraud score.