Loyal Shopper Trust

This risk check initiates when the ShopperDNA Shopper fits the established profile of a 'loyal shopper,' as determined by the configuration options. Shoppers with fraud-related chargebacks will never be considered loyal, whereas other elements (such as non-fraud chargebacks and risk refusals) can be configured.

Different merchants have different definitions of a loyal shopper. Regardless, identifying who your best customers are is one of the easiest ways to reduce frictions and false positives on your most profitable customers. 

Note that for this check to work properly, Adyen must have visibility to the merchant's chargebacks. Depending on the type of acquiring integration, this can be variable. Note that chargeback uploader can be used in scenarios where Adyen does not receive chargeback data for transactions. This allows this risk check to have visibility on fraud incidences.

If you are experiencing Account Takeover Fraud, temporarily set a score of 1. 

Configuration options

There are several configuration options for this check:

  • Minimum Number of Days: This established the minimum number of days that the rule will assess to determine their loyalty.
  • Do Not Allow Risk Refusals: When this option is checked, having risk refusals will negate the user from being considered loyal.
  • Do Not Allow non-Fraud related chargebacks: When this option is checked, non-fraud chargebacks negates the user from being considered loyal. Note that fraud-related chargebacks will always remove a shopper from being loyal.