POS test cards

Adyen provides a basic TEST system to simulate transaction scenarios and test functionalities before implementing them in the live system. Test cards are dummy payment cards that only work in the Adyen test environment. Transactions carried out with these test cards do not result in actual credits/debits to live bank accounts.

We provide one generic card with your test terminal. You can also buy Adyen test card packs from shop.b2ps.com (US and Europe). Test card packs include a variety of cards with different brands, language codes, country codes, and currency codes.

In order to board a Test terminal and perform tests, you need test credentials which differ from live credentials. You also need a test terminal, configured with test keys instead of live keys.

When using the test system, set the environment to TEST upon initialization (using the appropriate flag for your library).

When switching the library between the live environment and test environment the app must re-register to make sure the correct credentials are selected and used for communication.

You can log in to the test Adyen Customer Area, using your personal user credentials for test, to look at completed transactions. These are not the same credentials as used for the application.

Test Card Applications

You can perform tests by using the provided Adyen test card. It contains five different applications:

Application Payment Method Issuing Country Currency Expiration Date Locale
MC NL Mastercard Belgium EUR 28-02-29 Dutch
MS EN Maestro Belgium EUR 28-02-29 English
MC F Mastercard US USD 28-02-29 French
MC ES Maestro US USD 28-02-29 Spanish
Magstripe (MSR) Mastercard US USD 01-12-25 English

Test Card CVMs

The test card is programmed to select a different Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) based upon the transaction amount and currency:

Application Condition CVM
MC NL >200.00 EUR CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verified online
  >100 EUR CVM 2: Enciphered PIN verification performed by ICC
  0-100 EUR CVM 3: Signature
MS EN >200.00 EUR CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verified online
  >100 EUR CVM 2: Enciphered PIN verification performed by ICC
  0-100 EUR CVM 3: Signature
MC F All CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verification performed by ICC
MC ES All CVM 1: Enciphered PIN verification peformed by ICC
MSR (Magnetic Stripe Reader) All CVM1: Service code 201 - Signature

For a general explanation of CVM lists, click here.

For sale transactions, there are four possible results:

  • Approved
  • Refused
  • Cancelled
  • Error

Test gift cards

Use the card numbers and balances below to simulate transaction scenarios.


Card Number Balance
9826150920000060 1200.00
9826150920000003 9999.99
9826150920000045 560.00
9826150920000029 987500

Charge an amount against your test card with the last three digits reflecting the test transaction you want to simulate. These scenarios are outlined in the Test transaction scenarios table below.

The balance is reduced for the duration of the transaction only.

Test transaction scenarios

Change the last digits of the transaction amount to simulate different scenarios.

Shoppers and merchants can cancel the transaction using the PED. Merchants can also cancel the transaction using the library. A cancellation will generate the result "CANCELLED".

Refunds will generate an approved response. 

Entering the wrong PIN multiple times will result in a blocked card.

Amount (last three digits) Acquirer Response Transaction Result
Any (except the special cases below) Approved Approved
121 Acquirer Cancelled Refused
122 Fraud Refused
123 Declined Refused
124 Not enough balance Refused
125 Blocked card Refused
126 Expired card Refused
127 Invalid amount Refused
128 Invalid card number Refused
129 Not supported Refused
130 Acquirer error Error
131 Acquirer declined Refused
132 Acquirer declined Refused

Incorrect online PIN

Use correct PIN

135 PIN tries exceeded Refused
136 Issuer unavailable Refused

Withdrawal Amount Exceeded


Withdrawal Count Exceeded


Amount partially approved


Contactless Withdrawal Amount Exceeded (Only for contactless, otherwise APPROVED)

143 Contactless Withdrawal Count Exceeded (Only for contactless, otherwise APPROVED) Refused
144 Not Submitted Refused
145 Cancelled due to Fraud Refused
146 Transaction Not Permitted Refused
147 CVC Declined Refused
148 Restricted Card Refused
149 Revocation Of Auth Refused
150 Declined Non Generic Refused
151 Issuer Suspected Fraud Refused
Any Card removed during app selection Error
Any Cancelled via terminal Cancelled
Any Cancelled through the library by merchant Cancelled