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Batch processing

Create and upload an input file to process transactions in bulk.

Batch processing allows you to submit a large number of payment requests or modification requests simultaneously by uploading an input file with the transactions you want us to process in bulk. This is handy for example when you need to process refunds or retry failed captures.

Preparing the input file often requires manual effort, so for regular payments or modifications it is better to use the API.

You can choose from several batch processing possibilities:

Allowed requests Upload method Input file Details
Modification only Customer Area Simple CSV Allows modifications for different merchant accounts in the same file.

The Customer Area helps you to add missing fields and fix errors.

Authorisation, Modification, RefundWithData, Payout, PayoutModification, AccountUpdater, StoreToken SFTP Complex CSV with headers, footers, counters, and multi-line records Allows one type of transaction for one merchant account per file.

You'll have to set up SFTP, and PGP-encrypt your input files.