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Submit transaction batch files through SFTP

Create input files for batch processing of transactions and upload the input file through SFTP.

Batch file processing allows you to process multiple transactions in bulk: you submit a file listing all the payments you want us to process.

This feature comes in handy when you need to process refunds or retry failed capture attempts, for example. You group all the transactions in a file and then upload it for Adyen to process all the data.

Each batch file can hold only one request type per merchant account. Create separate files for each request like authorisation, refund, capture etc.

If you need to process transactions for multiple merchant accounts, contact our Support Team to enable this for you.

A secure communication channel is required to submit batch files. To achieve that, we use the SFTP transfer protocol and PGP data encryption.

SFTP configuration

Send the following information to the Support Team to create a secure FTP (SFTP) directory for you to upload your batch files:

  • Your Customer Area company account.
  • Your source IP address(s): the IP addresses of the servers you from which you are going to upload batch request files. Make sure these are external IP addresses and not your internal network ones.
  • Your public SSH key: you need to generate an RSA SSH key pair (public and private keys). The length of your SSH key must be 2048 bits or 4096 bits. Reference for Linux/terminal OR for Windows.
  • Technical point of contact: the names and email addresses of your technical points of contact.

You will receive a response from Adyen Support when your SFTP server is configured and ready for you to access.

Connecting to the SFTP server

When you connect to the SFTP server, use the following information:

Port: 5892
User: the user provided to you by Support. For example: batch_12345@Company.YOUR_COMPANY_ACCOUNT.
Allowlist host IP:

Port: 5631
User: the user provided to you by Support. For example: batch_56789@Company.YOUR_COMPANY_ACCOUNT.
Allowlist host IP:

PGP encryption

Since batch files contain sensitive information, for example, card numbers, you need to encrypt them before uploading.

If you want to always encrypt result files, contact our Support Team to enable this feature.

To enable PGP data encryption:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. From the main menu, go to Settings > Account settings.
  3. Click the Manage PGP Keys link.
  4. Select the Adyen key you want to use. To download the public part, click Download.
    You can encrypt the file with this key before sending it to Adyen. Adyen signs the batch result file with this key.
  5. Register your PGP public key with Adyen, and specify Batch Files as the Purpose of the key.
    You can sign your file with this key to have it verified by Adyen. Adyen can encrypt the batch result file with this key.

PGP troubleshooting

In some cases, your file may be rejected. You receive a batch acknowledgment file providing details about the rejections. Common causes for batch file rejection are:

  • You send a PGP-encrypted file whose decryption operation returns errors.
    For example, a failure to verify the signature, or the key used to sign the file is not configured for your company account.
  • You send a PGP-encrypted file, but you do not have a public key to encrypt the response file.
  • You send an unencrypted file containing live card numbers.