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The paymentMethodVariant field returns the type of payment method used during a transaction.

In addition to the values listed below, Adyen can return other payment method variants depending on your configuration.

American Express

Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
amex American Express
amex_amazonpay Amazon Pay – American Express
amex_googlepay Google Pay - American Express
amex_applepay Apple Pay - American Express
amex_samsungpay Samsung Pay - American Express
amex_vipps Vipps - American Express
amex_mobilepay MobilePay - American Express
amexcommercial American Express Commercial Credit Card
amexconsumer American Express Consumer Credit Card
amexcorporate American Express Corporate Credit Card
amexdebit American Express Debit Card
amexprepaid American Express Prepaid Card
amexprepaidreloadable American Express Prepaid-Reloadable Card
amexsmallbusiness American Express Small Business Credit Card


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
alipay Alipay
alipay_wap Alipay WAP
alipay_hk Alipay HK
alipay_connect AntFinancial OSP Offline
alipay_sg_pos Alipay SG POS

China UnionPay

Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
cup China UnionPay card payment
cupdebit China UnionPay debit
cupcredit China UnionPay credit
cupprepaid China UnionPay prepaid


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
discover Discover
discover_amazonpay Amazon Pay - Discover
discover_googlepay Google Pay - Discover
discover_applepay Apple Pay - Discover
discover_samsungpay Samsung Pay - Discover


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
doku DOKU
doku_alfamart Alfamart via DOKU
doku_bca_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_bni_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_bri_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_cimb_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_danamon_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_indomaret Indomaret
doku_mandiri_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_ovo OVO
doku_permata_lite_atm ID Bank Transfer
doku_sinarmas_va ID Bank Transfer
doku_wallet DOKU wallet


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
dragonpay Dragonpay
dragonpay_otc_banking Dragonpay OTC/ATM Philippines
dragonpay_otc_international Dragonpay international OTC
dragonpay_otc_non_banking Dragonpay OTC non-bank
dragonpay_otc_philippines Dragonpay convenience stores Philippines
dragonpay_ebanking Dragonpay ebanking
dragonpay_seveneleven 7-Eleven Philippines


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
jcb JCB
jcb_applepay Apple Pay - JCB credit card
jcbcredit JCB credit
jcbdebit JCB debit
jcbprepaidanonymous JCB prepaid anonymous
jcbprepaid JCB prepaid


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
maestro Maestro
maestro_amazonpay Amazon Pay - Maestro
maestro_applepay Apple Pay - Maestro
maestro_googlepay Google Pay - Maestro
maestro_samsungpay Samsung Pay - Maestro
maestro_vipps Vipps - Maestro
maestro_mobilepay MobilePay - Maestro
maestrouk Maestro UK


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
mc Mastercard
mc_amazonpay Amazon Pay - Mastercard
mc_googlepay Google Pay - Mastercard
mc_applepay Apple Pay - Mastercard
mc_samsungpay Samsung Pay - Mastercard
mc_vipps Vipps - Mastercard
mc_mobilepay MobilePay - Mastercard
mcalphabankbonus Mastercard Alpha Bank Bonus
mcatm Mastercard ATM
mccommercialcredit Mastercard Commercial Credit
mccommercialdebit Mastercard Commercial Debit
mccommercialpremiumcredit Mastercard Commercial Premium Credit
mccommercialpremiumdebit Mastercard Commercial Premium Debit
mccorporate Mastercard Corporate
mccorporatecredit Mastercard Corporate Credit
mccorporatedebit Mastercard Corporate Debit
mccredit Mastercard Credit
mcdebit Mastercard Debit
mcfleetcredit Mastercard Fleet Credit
mcfleetdebit Mastercard Fleet Debit
mcpremiumcredit Mastercard Premium Credit
mcpremiumdebit Mastercard Premium Debit
mcprepaidanonymous Mastercard Prepaid Anonymous
mcpro Mastercard Pro
mcpurchasingcredit Mastercard Purchasing Credit
mcpurchasingdebit Mastercard Purchasing Debit
mcstandardcredit Mastercard Standard Credit
mcstandarddebit Mastercard Standard Debit
mcsuperpremiumcredit Mastercard Super Premium Credit
mcsuperpremiumdebit Mastercard Super Premium Debit


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
molpay_alipay Alipay via MOLPay
molpay_bangkokbank Online banking Thailand
molpay_boost Boost via MOLPay
molpay_cash 7-Eleven via MOLPay
molpay_ebanking_fpx_MY Malaysian eBanking via FPX MOLPay
molpay_ebanking_MY Online banking Malaysia
molpay_ebanking_TH Thailand eBanking via MOLPay
molpay_fpx Online banking Malaysia
molpay_kbank Online banking Thailand
molpay_krungsribank Online banking Thailand
molpay_krungthaibank Online banking Thailand
molpay_points RazerGold (by MOLPay)
molpay_siamcommercialbank Online banking Thailand


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
visa Visa
visa_amazonpay Amazon Pay - Visa
visa_googlepay Google Pay - Visa
visa_applepay Apple Pay - Visa
visa_samsungpay Samsung Pay - Visa
visa_vipps Vipps - Visa
visa_mobilepay MobilePay - Visa
visaalphabankbonus Visa Alpha Bank Bonus
visabusiness Visa Business
visacheckout Visa Checkout
visaclassic Visa Classic
visacommercialcredit Visa Commercial Credit
visacommercialdebit Visa Commercial Debit
visacommercialpremiumcredit Visa Commercial Premium Credit
visacommercialpremiumdebit Visa Commercial Premium Debit
visacommercialsuperpremiumcredit Visa Commercial Super Premium Credit
visacommercialsuperpremiumdebit Visa Commercial Super Premium Debit
visacorporate Visa Corporate
visacorporatecredit Visa Corporate Credit
visacorporatedebit Visa Corporate Debit
visacredit Visa credit card
visadankort Visa Dankort
visadankort_mobilepay MobilePay - Visa Dankort
visadebit Visa debit card
visafleetcredit Visa Fleet Credit
visafleetdebit Visa Fleet Debit
visagold Visa Gold
visahipotecario Visa Hipotecario
visaplatinum Visa Platinum
visapremiumcredit Visa Premium Credit
visapremiumdebit Visa Premium Debit
visaprepaidanonymous Visa Prepaid Anonymous
visaproprietary Visa Proprietary
visapurchasing Visa Purchasing
visapurchasingcredit Visa Purchasing Credit
visapurchasingdebit Visa Purchasing Debit
visasaraivacard Visa Saraiva Card
visasignature Visa Signature
visastandardcredit Visa Standard Credit
visastandarddebit Visa Standard Debit
visasuperpremiumcredit Visa Super Premium Credit
visasuperpremiumdebit Visa Super Premium Debit
vpay V Pay
electron Visa Electron
electron_amazonpay Amazon Pay - Visa Electron
electron_applepay Apple Pay - Visa Electron
electron_samsungpay Samsung Pay - Visa Electron
electron_vipps Vipps - Visa Electron
electron_mobilepay MobilePay - Visa Electron

Gift card

Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
auriga Auriga gift card
babygiftcard Baby gift card
bloemengiftcard Bloemen Giftcard
cashcomgiftcard Cashcom gift card
eagleeye_voucher Eagle Eye gift card
entercard EnterCard gift card
expertgiftcard Expert Cadeaukaart gift card
fashioncheque Fashioncheque gift card
fijncadeau FijnCadeau gift card
fleuropbloemenbon Fleurop Bloemenbon
fonqgiftcard fonQ Giftcard
forbrugsforeningen Forbrugsforeningen gift card
gallgall Gall & Gall gift card
givex Givex gift card
hallmarkcard Hallmark gift card
igive iGive gift card
ikano Ikano gift card
prosodie_illicado Illicado gift card
kadowereld KadoWereld gift card
kidscadeau KidsCadeau gift card
kindpas Kindpas gift card
leisurecard Leisure Voucher gift card
nationalebioscoopbon Nationale Bioscoopbon
netscard Nets gift card
oberthur Oberthur gift card
pathegiftcard Pathe gift card
payex PayEx gift card
podiumcard Podium Card gift card
resursgiftcard Resurs gift card
sparnord Spar Nord gift card
sparebank SpareBank gift card
svs SVS gift card
universalgiftcard Universal gift card gift card
valuelinkgiftcard Fiserv (formerly ValueLink) gift card
vdcadeaucard V and D Cadeaucard
vvvcadeaubon VVV Cadeaubon
vvvgiftcard VVV gift card
webshopgiftcard Webshop gift card
winkelcheque Winkel Cheque gift card
xponcard XPonCard gift card
yourgift YourGift gift card


Payment Method Variant/Card type Description
abrapetite Abrapetite
abrapetite_credit Abrapetite credit card
abrapetite_debit Abrapetite debit card
abrapetite_prepaid Abrapetite prepaid card
ach ACH US Direct Debit
affirm Affirm
affirm_pos Affirm for POS
afterpaytouch Afterpay
afterpaytouch_pos Afterpay for POS
alelo Alelo
amazonpay Amazon Pay
banese_card Banese card
banese_card_credit Banese credit card
banese_card_debit Banese debit card
banese_card_prepaid Banese prepaid card
bankaxept BankAxept
bcmc Bancontact
bcmc_mobile Bancontact app
blik Blik
boleto Boleto
carnet Carnet
cartebancaire Carte Bancaire
cellulant Cellulant
clearpay Clearpay
credtodos CredTODOS
credtodos_private_credit CredTODOS private credit
credtodos_private_debit CredTODOS private debit
dana Dana payment method Indonesia
dankort Dankort
dankort_mobilepay MobilePay - Dankort
diners Diners
directdebit_GB BACS Direct Debit (Direct Debit Great Britain)
ebanking_FI Electronic Bank Transfer Finland
econtext_atm eContext PayEasy ATM
econtext_online eContext PayEasy online banking
econtext_seven_eleven eContext 7-Eleven
econtext_stores eContext convenience stores
eftpos_australia eftpos Australia
eftpos_australia_chq eftpos Australia - CHQ account type
eftpos_australia_sav eftpos Australia - SAV account type
eftpos_newzealand eftpos New Zealand
elo Elo
eps Electronic Payment Service (EPS)
facilypay 3x4xOney
gcash GCash Payment Method Philippines
girocard Girocard
girocard_applepay Girocard - Apple Pay
googlepay Google Pay
gopay_wallet GoPay Wallet
grabpay_MY GrabPay MY
grabpay_PH GrabPay PH
grabpay_pos GrabPay for POS
grabpay_SG GrabPay SG
hipercard Hipercard
ideal iDeal
interac Interac(online banking)
interac_applepay Apple Pay - Interac (in-app)
interac_card Interac Debit for POS
interac_googlepay Google Pay - Interac (in-app)
kakaopay KakaoPay payment method
kcp_banktransfer Korean Bank Transfer
kcp_payco PayCo
klarna Klarna Pay Later
klarna_account Klarna Pay over time
klarna_paynow Klarna Pay Now
mbway MB WAY
mobilepay MobilePay
momo_atm MoMo ATM
momo_wallet MoMo Wallet
multibanco Multibanco
neteller Neteller
nordea Nordea
onlinebanking_IN Online banking India
onlineBanking_PL Online banking Poland
oxxo Oxxo
paymaya_connect PayMaya Connect
paymaya_wallet PayMaya Wallet
paypal PayPal
paypal_pos PayPal for POS
paysafecard PaySafeCard
payshop Payshop
paytm PayTM payment method India
pix Pix
romcard Romcard
romcard_credit Romcard credit card
romcard_debit Romcard debit card
samsungpay Samsung Pay
sepadirectdebit SEPA Direct Debit
swish Swish
trustly Trustly
twint Twint
twint_pos Twint for POS
upi_collect UPI Collect
upi_intent UPI Intent
upi_qr UPI QR
vale_refeicao Vale Refeicao
vale_refeicao_prepaid Vale Refeicao prepaid
vipps Vipps
wallet_IN Wallets India
wechatpay WeChat Pay
wechatpay_pos WeChat Pay for POS
zip Zip
zip_pos Zip for POS

Management API

The following payment methods are available when adding through Management API. For some payment methods, you might need to provide additional information.

Payment method Payment method variant Notes
ACH Direct Debit ach Requires approval, reach out to your Adyen contact.
Afterpay afterpaytouch Requires additional parameters. Send separate requests for each currency.
Available currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, USD.
Alipay alipay Requires shopper interaction.
American Express amex Requires currencies and shopper interaction.
Apple Pay applepay Requires additional parameters for ecommerce. For in-person payments, there is no need to configure Apple Pay.
BACS Direct Debit directdebit_GB
Bancontact bcmc Requires additional parameters.
BLIK blik
Carte Bancaire cartebancaire Only supported for the ecommerce sales channel. Requires additional parameters.
China UnionPay (CUP) cup Requires shopper interaction.
Clearpay clearpay Requires additional parameters. Send separate requests for each currency.
Only available for GBP.
Diners diners Discover will be automatically included in the setup. Diners Club International® is part of Discover.
Discover discover Diners will be automatically included in the setup. Diners Club International® is part of Discover.
eftpos Australia eftpos_australia
girocard girocard
Google Pay googlepay Requires additional parameters.
iDEAL ideal
Interac interac_card
JCB jcb Requires shopper interaction for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Klarna klarna Requires additional parameters.
klarna_account Requires additional parameters.
klarna_paynow Requires additional parameters.
Maestro maestro
MB WAY mbway
Mastercard mc
MobilePay mobilepay
Multibanco multibanco
Online banking Finland ebanking_fi
Online banking Poland onlinebanking_Pl
Open banking paybybank Available currencies: EUR and GBP.
PayPal paypal Requires additional configuration.
Payshop payshop
Swish swish Requires additional parameters.
Titres-Restaurant mealVoucher_FR Requires additional parameters.
Trustly trustly
TWINT twint Requires additional parameters.
twint_pos Requires additional parameters.
Vipps vipps Requires additional parameters.
Visa visa
VPay vpay
WeChat Pay wechatpay Requires additional parameters.
wechatpay_pos Requires additional parameters.