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Test cards API reference

To communicate with the Adyen API you should submit HTTP POST requests to corresponding endpoints. These endpoints differ for test and live accounts, and also depend on the data format (SOAP, JSON, or FORM) you use to submit data to the Adyen payments platform.

This document lists all endpoints available for you to integrate with the test platform and run QA checks.

Indicators used in this section:

-white_check_mark- This field is mandatory and must be always present.
-x- This field is optional and may be required in specific scenarios.



For the SOAP messaging protocol, all test payment requests must be posted to the following endpoint:

The data schema for corresponding SOAP objects is available at:


This is an overview of the test URL endpoints to communicate with our API using JSON or FORM (key-value parameters passed in an Http POST URL).




Field Type Required Description
streetAddress  String -white_check_mark-

Billing address of the card holder.

Example: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino

zip  String -x-

Zip code associated with the billing address of the card holder.

Example: CA 95014



Field Type Required Description
accountCode String -white_check_mark- The merchant account details used to log in and access the account.
accountTypeCode String -white_check_mark-

The type of account used to make the call.

Possible values:

  • Company
  • MerchantAccount

These values are case-sensitive.

testCardRanges Array of TestCardRange -white_check_mark- Contains one or more test card range objects.


Field Type Required Description
rangeCreationResults Array of TestCardRangeCreationResult -white_check_mark- Contains one or more test card range result outputs.


Expiry date on the card.

Field Type Required Description
expiryMonth  String -white_check_mark-

Expiry month for the test card range.

Allowed values: 

  • MAY
  • JUNE
  • JULY
expiryYear  String  -white_check_mark-

Expiry year for the test card range.

Example: 2020


Defines the properties of a test card range. 

Field Type Required Description
address AvsAddress -white_check_mark- Contains the billing address of the card holder. The address details need to be AVS (Address Verification Service) compliant, i.e. you need to define at least streetAddress.
cardHolderName String -white_check_mark-

The name of the card holder, as it appears on the card, for the test card range.

Example: S Hopper

cvc String -white_check_mark-

The test card range security code.

Example: 123

expiryDates Array of ExpiryDate -white_check_mark- An array of expiry dates on the card.
rangeEnd String -white_check_mark-

The last test card number in the test card range: 

  • Min 6, max 19 digits
  • BIN compliant

Example: 5432123412344321

rangeStart String -white_check_mark-

 The first test card number in the test card range:

  • Min 6, max 19 digits
  • BIN compliant

Example: 5432123412341234

threeDUserName String -x-

3D Secure user name details of the card holder.

Example: simonhopper

threeDPassword String -x-

3D Secure password details of the card holder.

Example: myPa$$w0rd

threeDDirectoryServerResponse String -x-

3D Secure server response. It notifies whether the specified card holder is enrolled in a 3D Secure service. Possible values:

  • Y (Authentication available)
  • N (Card holder not enrolled/not participating)
  • U (Unable to authenticate)


Contains a test card range result output.

Field Type Required Description
 cardNumberRangeStart  String -white_check_mark-

The first test card number in the generated test card range.

Example: 5432123412341234

 cardNumberRangeEnd  String -white_check_mark-

The last test card number in the generated test card range.

Example: 5432123412344321

 creationResultCode  String -white_check_mark-

Notification message. It informs about the outcome of the operation. Possible values: