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Adyen response codes

Code Response Result Code
0 Unknown Error
1 Approved Authorised
2 Refused Refused
3 Referral Refused
4 Acquirer Error Error
5 Blocked Card Refused
6 Expired Card Refused
7 Invalid Amount Refused
8 Invalid Card Number Refused
9 Issuer Unavailable Refused
10 Not supported Refused
11 3D Not Authenticated Refused
12 Not enough balance Refused
13 Pending Received
14 Acquirer Fraud Refused
15 Cancelled Refused
16 Shopper Cancelled Refused
17 Invalid Pin Refused
18 Pin tries exceeded Refused
19 Pin validation not possible Refused
20 FRAUD Refused
21 Not Submitted Refused
23 Transaction Not Permitted Refused
24 CVC Declined Refused
25 Restricted Card Refused
26 Revocation Of Auth Refused
27 Declined Non Generic Refused
28 Withdrawal amount exceeded Refused
29 Withdrawal count exceeded Refused
30 Amount partially approved Authorised
31 Issuer Suspected Fraud Refused
32 AVS Declined Refused
33 Card requires online pin Refused
34 No checking account available on Card Refused
35 No savings account available on Card Refused
36 Mobile PIN required Refused
37 Contactless fallback Refused
38 Authentication required Refused