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Testing with card holder name

We recommend Result code testing to test how your system responds to specific payment results. If you're not able to submit additionalData, you can use the card.holderName field instead.

Make an PaymentRequestrequest, and include the required card fields (you can use one of the test card numbers with a CVC from this list). For the holderName, include a value with the following:

For this value, use the format:

[Adyen Response code] : [Scheme Response code and Refusal reason raw String]

You may need to lower the risk score value to take into account non-alphabetic characters in the cardholder name like a colon (":"). This and other non-alphabetical characters trigger the risk check, which may cause the payment to be declined with a FRAUD reason code.


The following example shows how you test a "Declined" payment result due to an "Error", using the holderName:

  • The holderName field value cannot be longer than 80 characters max.

  • If you specify an incorrect CVC or an invalid expiry date, the payment fails and the operation returns a generic DECLINED refusal reason.