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AccountUpdaterSingle request

You can make an AccountUpdaterSingle request when the shopper's card details are at least partially available in your records.

You can send live/actual card numbers with your batch file only if you encrypt the file with PGP before submitting it.

Mandatory sub-lines

This sub-line holds information about single, ad-hoc account update requests.
Field # Format Required Description
1 Fixed value: SL -white_check_mark- Record type identifier
2 Numeric -white_check_mark- SL sub-line record number reference within its parent line.
The counter starts at 1, and it increments sequentially by one unit.
3 Fixed value: AccountUpdaterSingle -white_check_mark- Transaction type.
Defines the required field types for the specific sub-line.
4 Alphanumeric -white_check_mark- Card number or card alias.
5 Numeric -white_check_mark- Expiry month.
  • Format: MM, zero-padded (eg: 03)
6 Numeric -white_check_mark- Expiry year.
  • Format: YYYY (eg: 2016)
7 Numeric -x- CVC code.
Leave this field blank.
8 Alphanumeric -white_check_mark- Cardholder name.
9 Numeric -x- Start month.
  • Format: MM, zero-padded (eg: 03)
Maestro UK only.
10 Numeric -x- Start year.
  • Format: YYYY (eg: 2016)
Maestro UK only.
11 Numeric -x- One-digit card issue number.
Maestro UK only.