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Capture request

You can also include airline data into the capture request. For more information, refer Capture with airline data.

Mandatory sub-lines

The Capture sub-line described below is mandatory when submitting a payment capture request.


This sub-line holds information about capture modification requests.
Field # Format Required Description
1 Fixed value: SL -white_check_mark- Record type identifier
2 Numeric -white_check_mark- SL sub-line record number reference within its parent line.The counter starts at 1, and it increments sequentially by one unit.
3 Fixed value: Capture -white_check_mark- Transaction type.
Defines the required field types for the specific sub-line.
4 Alphanumeric -white_check_mark- The original payment PSP reference.
5 Numeric -white_check_mark- Amount.
6 Numeric -white_check_mark- The currency exponent.
7 Alphabetic -white_check_mark- The three-character ISO currency code.
L,1,MerchantAccount,TestMerchant,Capture,Test Product 3,EchoData