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Basic Customer Area batch files

You can manage batch files submissions in the Customer Area. This functionality requires additional configuration on Adyen's end. To enable it, contact the Support Team.

To upload a file for batch submission in the Customer Area:

  1. Open the Customer Area.
  2. Log in using your merchant account credentials.
  3. Go to Finance > Batches.

The file should be delivered in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format as per RFC 4180, with the following exceptions:

  • Multi-line fields are not allowed.
  • The number of fields per line can vary, depending on the item a line describes.
  • The file needs to have a file header and trailer to allow parsing.

A batch file has the following characteristics:

  • Line items are grouped in blocks per currency. Each currency uses a separate block.
  • The file sequence number for each submitted file must always increment by exactly one unit after each successful submission. File sequence numbers are associated with the submission platform the files originate from. The Adyen payments platform rejects files whose submission numbers have already been used, and when it detects a gap in the number sequence because adjacent numbers are not consecutive, for example 201 followed by 203.
  • The same merchant account name must be used throughout each file. If you have batch payments for another merchant account they should be submitted in a separate file.