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Payout notifications

For each request to a third-party payout endpoint, we send you a notification to inform you of the outcome. For example, you receive a payout-submit-received response when you submit a payout, and a payout-confirm-received response when a payout is confirmed.

The originalReference field holds the PSP reference.

If a payout's state is changed in the Customer Area, you won't receive a response message but your server will still receive a notification.

We also send you a notification to inform you when a payout has been processed. This notification has the eventCode PAYOUT_THIRDPARTY. The success field indicates whether the payout was successful (true) or unsuccessful (false). If it is unsuccessful, the reason field has a short description explaining why.

Event codes

The eventCode field holds information about the payout. The following table gives an overview of what some of the values mean. For more information, see Event codes.

Events Description
PAYOUT_DECLINE Triggered when a payout is declined, and success is set to true.
PAYOUT_EXPIRE Triggered when a payout expires, and success is set to  true.
PAYOUT_THIRDPARTY Triggered when a payout has been processed. The payment is successful when success is set to true, and unsuccessful when success is set to false.
PAIDOUT_REVERSED Returned when the issuer was unable to pay out the funds to the account holder, and the funds were returned to Adyen.

Code examples

The following example shows the response notification for a successful payout in JSON, FORM, and SOAP.

    "live" : "false",
    "notificationItems" : [
            "notificationRequestItem" : {   
                "amount" : {
                    "value" : 500,
                    "currency" : "EUR"

                "eventCode" : "PAYOUT_THIRDPARTY",
                "eventDate" : "2011-01-01T15:30:17.377+02:00",
                "merchantAccountCode" : "YourMerchantAccount",
                "merchantReference" : "Payout-0001",
                "paymentMethod" : "visa",
                "pspReference" : "ThePaymentPspReference",
                "originalReference" : "ThePayoutPspReference",
                "reason" : "Approved",
                "success" : "true"
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""  xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <ns1:sendNotification xmlns:ns1="">
        <live xmlns="">false</live> 
        <notificationItems xmlns=""> 
              <currency xmlns="">EUR</currency> 
              <value xmlns="">500</value>