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Getting paid

Find out how you get the money from the payments processed with Adyen.

The funds for all transactions that Adyen processes for you are sent to your payout account. This is the bank account that you provided as your payout account during onboarding.

If you have multiple merchant accounts, you will get a separate payout for each merchant account, even if you are using the same payout account for all your merchant accounts.

If you want to change the payout account for a merchant account, you can do so at any time.

How payouts work

You'll recognize the payout in your bank statement by a transaction reference starting with: Adyen NV.

The funds from one sales day are assigned to a payable batch. This payable batch is paid out to you with a payout delay of a fixed number of business days.

Sales day

The sales day for a transaction is the day when the request for transferring the funds has been sent to the shopper's bank. This is when the payment status becomes SentForSettle.

For payment methods that support separate authorisation and capture, sales day is the day when the payment was captured. For example, when using a capture delay of 24 hours, a payment that is authorised on Monday will have its sales day on Tuesday.

Payable batch

A payable batch corresponds to one payout to your bank account. The payable batch is made up from your sales figure, from which we subtract:

  • Transaction costs
  • Refunds
  • Chargebacks
  • Other adjustments, for example if we already sent you the funds for a transaction, but could not receive these funds from the shopper's bank.

For the most up-to-date information about the current payable batch, check the Payouts section of Essentials.

Refunds, chargebacks, and other adjustments are added to the payable batch as they occur, and are not related to the sales day of the original transaction.

For each payable batch that closes, we create a Settlement details report. The settlement details report report contains information about one payout to your bank account. This includes transactions that were credited or debited to your account, and the costs associated with these transactions.

Payout delay

The payout delay determines how many days after the sales day Adyen will instruct the payout.

The exact payout delay depends on your franchisor.

Adyen does not instruct payouts on weekends or bank holidays. This means there is no payout for a particular currency on days when there is a bank holiday in that currency's country. For example, there are no USD payouts on 4th July. In case of EUR payouts, German bank holidays apply because the European Central Bank is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

The following table shows an example payout schedule with a payout delay of two days.

Sales day Payout day
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday the next week
Saturday Tuesday the next week
Sunday Tuesday the next week

After the payout day, it may take up to 2 days for the payout funds to arrive in your account. This depends on the currencies and banks involved.

Change your payout account

If you have several merchant accounts, you may add a separate payout account for each merchant account.

To change a payout account, you need the Merchant manage bank accounts user role.

  1. Log in to Essentials.
  2. Switch to the merchant account for which you want to change the payout account.
  3. Go to Account settings.
  4. Select Add payout account.
  5. Enter your bank account number, and upload a proof of bank account.
  6. Select Submit.

After our team has reviewed and approved your payout account details, you start receiving payouts on the new account.

If there is an issue with verifying the new bank account, you will keep receiving payouts on your existing bank account. You can track the progress of your payout account review in Essentials > Account settings.

To learn how to change your payout account, you can also watch a video here: