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Create and manage disputes using Disputes API.


Card schemes: Mastercard

For a number of possible reasons your cardholder may disagree with a transaction charged to their Adyen-issued card. If the merchant refuses to make a refund, the cardholder can request a chargeback. By using Disputes API, you can open a dispute for any captured payment.

Dispute lifecycle

When you open a dispute, Adyen requests you to provide the required information and supporting documents, and then sends a chargeback request to the card scheme.

The chargeback gets evaluated by the card scheme. If the card scheme confirms the chargeback, the funds are transferred back to the cardholder.

Note that the merchant has 45 days to challenge the chargeback.

Dispute reasons

Disputes occur when a cardholder wants their funds returned from a merchant based on one of the following reasons:

Reason Reason code Time frame
Services not provided or goods not received notDelivered Between 40 and 120 calendar days from the payment date.
Goods not as described or defective notAsDescribedOrDefective Between 20 and 120 calendar days from the payment date.
Credit could not be processed creditNotProcessed 120 calendar days from the payment date.
Cardholder paid twice for the same service or goods using two different forms of payment duplicate 90 calendar days from the payment date.
The cardholder did not authorize the transaction fraud 120 calendar days from the payment date.

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