Restricted for E-Commerce/CNP only

Merchant may only use the Adyen Services in relation to any of the following with the express written approval of Adyen, which approval Adyen may withhold or revoke in its discretion where it finds this to pose a risk to Adyen’s business and/or reputation:

  • Travel and holidays
  • Ticket agencies
  • Tobacco & Alcohol product, Businesses selling age or legally restricted products or services (including e-cigarettes)
  • Prescription medicines and pharmaceuticals, incl prescription medical devices (like contact lenses).
  • Pseudo pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals and food products or other digestibles marketed via-unsubstantiated and/or unlawful health or medical claims (e.g., food supplements, vitamins, weight-loss, anti-aging, muscle-building, sexual-stimulant supplements, colon cleansers, detox products).
  • Specific cosmetic products that claim extreme results (Anti-wrinkle, Skin Repair etcetera)
  • Cyber Lockers, Cloud Storage and File Sharing services
  • Services associated with pseudo-science (e.g., clairvoyance, horoscopes, fortune telling, etc.)