2 - Definitions

Emergency Patch:

A Patch released by Adyen to implement an urgent issue in the POS Software such as addressing a security concern or complying with a new urgent requirement imposed by a Scheme Owner.

Emergency Support:

Support for issues in Payment Terminal Software which block the submission of Transactions via a particular type of Payment Terminal generically, so excluding issues affecting one individual Payment Terminal.


An update of a Release which corrects an error in the relevant Release or provides a minor improvement to the relevant Release.

Payment Terminal Software:

The software loaded by Adyen on the Payment Terminal that enables it to function and connect to the Adyen Platform to submit POS Transactions. 

Payment Terminal:

The device used to read the Card of the shopper to initiate a POS Transactions and to capture related shopper input such as a PIN code in a manner approved by the relevant Scheme Owners. 

POS Device Library:

Software building blocks (like software libraries or iOS or Android apps) made available by Adyen to Merchant which Merchant can use to integrate in the software of a POS Device in order for such POS Device to be able to link to and work in conjunction with a particular type of Payment Terminal loaded with a compatible Release of the Payment Terminal Software.

POS Device:

Third party device like a cash register or a tablet used to connect to a Payment Terminal to work in conjunction with the Payment Terminal.

POS Software:

Payment Terminal Software and POS Device Libraries.


A new version of the Payment Terminal Software or of a POS Device Library that typically enables new features or functions and/or encompasses multiple previous Patches.

Response Time:

The time between:

i. the moment the issue is reported by Merchant to Adyen together with all reasonably required information to be able to investigate and address the issue; and:

ii. the moment Adyen has provided its initial feedback on the issue and has started the resolution process of the issue (automated confirmation of e-mail receipt is not considered initial feedback).


Releases and Patches.