3.1 - Available Payment Terminals and pricing

The sale price for Payment Terminals is as agreed in the Merchant Agreement or (for other Payment Terminal models) as set out on the then current price list of Adyen, in each case unless other pricing is expressly separately agreed in writing per order between Adyen and Merchant.

The sales price for the Payment Terminal as standard includes the following:

  • Cables and initial supplies necessary to operate the Payment Terminal as specified in the product sheet of the Payment Terminal;
  • The following Payment Terminal preparation in an environment secured in accordance with applicable PCI DSS security standard:
    • Adyen’s Acquirer key injection into the Payment Terminal;
    • Adyen Payment Terminal Software loaded into the Payment Terminal;
    • Basic functionality test of the Payment Terminal; and
    • Packaging for shipment.
  • Registration and activation of the Payment Terminal in the Company Account on the Adyen Platform or enable the registration and activation by the Merchant itself via the Customer Area;
  • Shipment to Merchant’s designated central address (standard postal delivery only; courier services / express delivery on Merchant request is separately charged);
  • The license to use the Adyen POS Software with the Payment Terminal to connect to the Adyen platform and use the Services for the term of the Merchant Agreement; and
  • The right to receive POS Software support for the Payment Terminal (as specified in section 5 below).

The sales price for the Payment Terminal as standard excludes the following:

  • Local in-store implementation and first line support to in-store personnel (own responsibility Merchant as specified in section 6 below);
  • Terminal Replacement Service (separately charged as set out in section 4 below);
  • Optional accessories (such as chargers, base stations and frames) and additional supplies (such as additional paper rolls for printers and other consumables like batteries).