3.2 - Payment Terminal ordering process

To order Payment Terminals, Merchant must use the order forms as made available to the Merchant, or use the online ordering tool made available by Adyen to Merchant in the Customer Area. Merchant must provide all configuration and other details as requested in such form or online tool and, in the case of the order form, send it to the email address specified therein.

Adyen strives to react to fully filled out Payment Terminal order forms within 3 Business Days of receipt and in its reaction will confirm the expected delivery lead time for fulfilling the order. Delivery lead times communicated by Adyen are an indication only and not guaranteed, but Merchant is entitled to cancel at no costs any order which is delayed for more than 10 Business Days beyond the delivery lead time confirmed by Adyen on acceptance of the order.

The standard average lead time for Payment Terminal order quantities lower than 10 units per month is 15 Business Days after order confirmation. For larger order quantities, longer average lead times (up to 12 weeks) may apply. In case Merchant expects to order larger quantities and wishes to secure an average lead time of 3 weeks for such orders, Merchant should contact Adyen to separately agree an order forecasting process to enable Adyen to meet such requirement.

Orders for Payment Terminals are invoiced to Merchant on a monthly basis, based on the shipping date of the relevant Payment Terminal(s).