4.3 - Scope of Terminal Replacement Service

The Terminal Replacement Service solely entitles Merchant to the free replacement of the Adyen provided Payment Terminals which as a result of a hardware defect in the Payment Terminal cannot be used to submit Transactions to Adyen, or otherwise materially fail to function in accordance with their documentation. In order to request the repair or replacement of defective Payment Terminals under the Terminal Replacement Service, Merchant must (prior to the expiry of the term of the Terminal Replacement Service) fill out and submit a Terminal replacement request form as provided to Merchant by Adyen for such purpose, after which Adyen will provide instructions on the return of the defective Payment Terminal to Adyen. 

Upon receipt of the Terminal replacement request with all required details, Adyen intends to send a replacement Payment Terminal (same or equivalent model offering at least same level of functionality) to the relevant location indicated on the form within three Business Days after the day of receipt for batches of up to 20 Payment Terminals.

Adyen recommends to return defective Payment Terminals in batches of max. 10-20. For larger batches the delivery time of the replacement Payment Terminals may take up to 25 Business Days.