4.4 - Defects

Adyen will examine the defect Payment Terminal to establish the cause of the reported defect. If the defective Payment Terminal is not received by Adyen, no defect is found in the Payment Terminal or if the issue that triggered the defect in the Payment Terminal is caused by any of the following, then the cost of investigation, repair or replacement are charged separately to the Merchant (total costs never to exceed the costs of a new replacement unit):

  • The defect is caused by any (attempt to) open, change, repair, modify or add to the Payment Terminal by parties other than Adyen;
  • The defect is caused by any undue external influence (e.g. contact with water, temperature outside operating conditions, oxidation, dropping the device etc.);
  • Use contrary to the operating instructions issued by Adyen for such Payment Terminal as set out in its user documentation;
  • Power supply defect (power surge);
  • Missing piece, falls, plastics damaged;
  • Issues the Merchant could have resolved itself by updating the Payment Terminal Software with Updates made available for such purpose to Merchant in accordance with section 5; or
  • Rechargeable battery failure more than one year after purchase. Batteries are considered consumables.