5.3 - Manner of distribution of Updates

For Payment Terminal Software:

The Payment Terminal Software Updates will typically be remotely loaded to the Payment Terminals by Adyen from the Adyen platform over an IP connection to the Payment Terminal and auto installed with little or no need for the user to do anything (other than maybe leave on the device or reboot it on completion of the update). Merchant will receive notification (via technical contacts registered on the Customer Area of the Adyen website) when new Updates for the Payment Terminal Software are made available. Merchant will be able to initiate the push of the Update to the Payment Terminals at a time of its choosing via the Customer Area, within a maximum time window set by Adyen. The following time windows are applied by Adyen:

  • In case installing an Update of the Payment Terminal Software would require the Merchant to install a new Release of the related POS Device Library in order for the link between the POS Device and the Payment Terminal to continue to function, the window for installing the new Release of the Payment Terminal Software will be at least 6 months.
  • The time window for installing Updates of the Payment Terminal Software which do not require to install a new Release of the POS Device Library will be 4 weeks
  • For Emergency Patches shorter time windows may be applied and Adyen reserves the right to push Emergency Patches to Payment Terminals where waiting for the Merchant to initiate the installation of the Patch is not reasonably possible given the urgency of the Patch. Examples of reasons for Adyen to issue Emergency Patches include software updates required to urgently attend to potential security breaches, PCI responsibilities, demands from the Schemes Owners or address material Service stability issues.
  • For new ‘beta’ release Updates issued for testing / trial purposes only (which are expressly so designated by Adyen) no maximum time window applies as long as the Update remains in ‘beta’. Use of such Updates is for trial and test purposes by Merchant only.

After expiry of the applicable time window, Adyen does not commit to support the use of the previous version anymore and continued use of such previous version will be at the risk of Merchant. Not installing Updates may in exceptional cases force Adyen to suspend submission of Transactions for not updated Payment Terminals, where not installing the Update would cause the Payment Terminals to violate applicable Scheme Rules or legal requirements or would cause a material and immediate threat to the security of data or systems. Adyen will announce such suspension at least 5 Working Days in advance, except in case of Emergency Patches for which a shorter or no prior notice period may have to apply.

For POS Device Libraries

The POS Device Library Updates will be made available for download via the Customer Area (or for Android and iOS apps via the Apple or Android App store). Implementation of the Update of a POS Device Library is the responsibility of the Merchant and can be timed as desired by the Merchant, provided that older Releases are no longer supported 6 months after a new Release is made available to Merchant and that for Emergency Patches shorter time windows may be applied as needed to address the relevant issue fixed with the Emergency Patch. For Android and Apple Apps also a shorter time frame may be forced to apply due to evolution of the Android or Apple environment.

Release notes for Updates

Adyen will provide notice and release notes via the Customer Area for each Update, summarizing the changes made by means of the Update and (where relevant) informing the Merchant of what Merchant should do to implement or allow the implementation of the Update.