5.4 - Supported Releases and Patches of POS Software

For Payment Terminal Software

For the Payment Terminal Software Adyen will only support the latest Release and the latest Patch of the Payment Terminal Software and the previous Patch or Release for which the time window to install the relevant Patch or Release as set out above in section 5.3 has not yet expired. 

For POS Device Libraries

For the POS Device Libraries, Adyen will continue to support each Release for at least 6 months after the subsequent Release is made available for installation by the user. Adyen will further support each Patch of a supported Release, provided that Adyen may require Merchant to implement a Patch to resolve issues caused by Merchant not installing such Patch.

Support of older versions

Adyen is not responsible for issues in the Services or the Payment Terminal caused by Merchant not updating the POS Software within the time window set by Adyen for the relevant Update. Adyen will not provide Patches (including Emergency Patches) for older Updates not installed by Merchant within the relevant time period set by Adyen.