5.7 - Helpdesk Support Service Level

In case of an issue occurring in the POS Software which cannot be resolved by Merchant by means of the documentation and tools provided by Adyen to Merchant (including by implementing Updates to the POS Software made available by Adyen to Merchant as set out above in section 5.3), Merchant can contact the Adyen POS support helpdesk. Then current contact details are listed on the Customer Area. The Adyen POS support helpdesk is available in the English language only.

For helpdesk support for the POS Software the following service levels apply: 

Availability and response time (for POS Software issues)

Service window

Response Time

Regular support

9 – 18 hours CET and PST on local business days

8 local business hours

Emergency Support (for reporting priority 1 and 2 issues)

24x7x365 (outside local business hours via email to dedicated emergency email address) 

30 minutes

POS transaction support

9 – 22 hours CET on local business days

9 – 18 CET weekend days 

Resolution time (for POS Software issues)

POS Software Issue Priority

Resolution time target*

Priority 1: Issue blocking acceptance of payments for all Payment Methods via all Payment Terminals of a particular type using a supported Update of the POS Software 

4 hours after ticket is logged with Adyen

Priority 2: Issue blocking use of an individual Payment Method via all Payment Terminals of a particular type using a supported Update of the POS Software (payment via other Payment Methods still possible) 

1 Business Day

Priority 3: all other issues in POS Software materially hindering the acceptance of payments. 

Reasonable efforts to resolve in next Update

* The resolution target regards Adyen making an Update available for the POS Software (or a recommended change in the setting of the same) that resolves the issue or provides a work-around for the same. This resolution target only applies to issues originating in the POS Software and caused by a previous Update issued by Adyen for such POS Software. Excluded from the resolution target are issues caused or originating in: software embedded by the hardware manufacturer of the Payment Terminal, systems or software of Scheme Owners, POS Devices or due to user error, unsupported Updates or not following installation and usage instructions as provided by Adyen.