6.1 - General responsibilities Merchant

To access and use the Services of Adyen, Merchant must in operating and using the Payment Terminal:

  • Ensure that the Payment Terminal is kept and operated in a suitable environment, used only for the purposes for which it is designed, and operated in a proper manner;
  • Make no alteration to the Payment Terminal and not remove any component(s) from the Payment Terminal without the prior written consent of Adyen;
  • Permit Adyen or its duly authorized representative to inspect the Payment Terminal at all reasonable times, subject to reasonable notice and during reasonable working hours at the relevant location;
  • Not, without the prior written consent of Adyen, allow any third party to use the Payment Terminal or submit POS Transactions via the Payment Terminal on behalf of a third party. The Payment Terminal may only be used by Merchant to submit POS Transactions to Adyen in its own name and for the business it registered for when entering into the Merchant Agreement;
  • Comply with the relevant usage manuals for the Payment Terminals and the POS Services of Adyen in general as published on the Customer Area, including in particular:
    • The manual of the particular type of Payment Terminal;
    • The Network Requirements Manual for Payment Terminals to ensure IP connectivity for the Payment Terminals to enable their proper functioning; and
    • The Payment Security Manual which provides guidelines to assist Merchant in ensuring safe use, prevent fraud and compliance to related Scheme Rules;
  • Comply with PCI DSS security requirements imposed by the Card Schemes in handling and using Payment Terminals and on Adyen’s request fill out Self-Assessment Questionnaires (‘SAQs’) prescribed by the Scheme Owners under applicable PCI DSS regulations to confirm such compliance; and
  • Follow the Scheme Rules in operating the Payment Terminals to submit POS Transactions.