1. Introduction

This document describes the following standard services Adyen provides to the Merchant with respect to Payment Terminals provided by Adyen to Merchant:

  • The sale of the Payment Terminals by Adyen to Merchant and related ordering procedure as set out in section 2 below; and
  • The support services provided by Adyen to Merchant in using the Payment Terminals which consist of the following two service components:
    • Terminal Replacement Services to replace defective Payment Terminals (see section 3 below); and
    • Support with respect to the software embedded in the Payment Terminals and the software made available by Adyen to enable Merchant (and its third-party service providers) to connect the Payment Terminals to third-party devices (see section 5 below).

The (first line) support responsibilities of Merchant are set out in section 5.3 below and the general responsibilities of Merchant regarding the handling of Payment Terminals are set out in section 6 below.