3.4 Terminal replacement process

To request a replacement under the Terminal Replacement Service, Merchant must (prior to the expiry of the term of the Terminal Replacement Service) submit a Payment Terminal replacement request form (e.g. in the Customer Area). For replacement of more than 20 Payment Terminals at once, Merchant should first contact Adyen.

Upon receipt of the Payment Terminal replacement request with all required details, Adyen will within one Business Day process and transfer to the carrier a replacement Payment Terminal (same or equivalent model offering at least same level of functionality). The shipment with the replacement will contain return instructions (for return at Adyen's expense) for the defective Payment Terminal. Merchant must return the defective Payment Terminal in accordance with the return instructions within two weeks after receipt of the replacement Payment Terminal (or by immediately handing over the defective Payment Terminal to the courier if this option is made available by Adyen). If the Payment Terminal is not returned within this period, Merchant will be charged the costs of the replacement Payment Terminal.