3.5 Defects and exclusions

Adyen will examine the defect Payment Terminal to establish the cause of the reported defect.

If the defect is covered by the Payment Terminal Replacement Service (in-scope), no additional fees will be charged to Merchant.

If no defect is found in the Payment Terminal, the Merchant will be charged the costs of investigation (not to exceed 50% of the Payment Terminal's then current standard list price).

If the issue that triggered the defect in the Payment Terminal is caused by an out-of-scope cause listed below, then the Merchant will be charged the out-of-scope repair costs (not to exceed the Payment Terminal's then current standard list price). Out-of-scope causes are:

  • Opening, changing, repairing, modifying or adding to the Payment Terminal by parties other than Adyen (or any attempt to do so);
  • Use with improper consumables, accessories or devices;
  • Undue external influence (e.g. contact with water, temperature outside operating conditions, oxidation, dropping the device etc.);
  • Improper use, i.e. use contrary to Adyen's operating instructions for such Payment Terminal;
  • Power supply defect (power surge);
  • Missing parts or damaged plastics;
  • Issues the Merchant could have resolved itself by updating or enabling updates of the Payment Terminal Software in accordance with section 4 below; or
  • Rechargeable battery failures.