4.2.3 For POS Integration Software

The POS Integration Software Updates will be made available for download via the Customer Area. Implementation of the Update of a POS Integration Software is the responsibility of the Merchant and can be timed as desired by the Merchant, provided that older Releases are no longer supported 6 months after a new Release is made available to the Merchant and that for Emergency Patches shorter time windows may be applied as needed to address the relevant issue fixed with the Emergency Patch.

Not installing Updates may lead to Scheme Rule breaches by Merchant and in exceptional cases force Adyen to suspend submission of Transactions for non-updated POS Software. Not installing Updates and any consequential breaches / suspensions are therefore fully at Merchant's own risk and liability. This would be the case if not installing the POS Software Update would cause the Payment Terminals to violate applicable Scheme Rules or legal requirements, or would cause a material and immediate threat to the security of data or systems. Adyen will work with Merchant to avoid such a suspension of Transactions from occurring.