4.3 Support of Payment Terminals

Adyen commits to use all commercially reasonable efforts to support the POS Software for each Payment Terminal sold by Adyen to Merchant for at least 3 years subsequent to the delivery of the Payment Terminal to the Merchant. If Adyen discontinues support of a certain type of Payment Terminal, it will where reasonably possible announce this at least 6 months in advance to the Merchant.

If Adyen due to special circumstances decides to end POS Software support for a Payment Terminal sold to the Merchant prior to the end of the 3 years period (e.g. because of discontinued support by the hardware vendor, security compromise which cannot be fixed on such Payment Terminal by a POS Software update or new Scheme Owner requirements which cannot be fulfilled with such Payment Terminal), then Adyen will compensate Merchant by crediting a proportional part of the sales price of such Payment Terminal to Merchant on buying a replacement Payment Terminal from Adyen (e.g. if the Payment Terminal is no longer supported 2 years after it was made available to the Merchant, Merchant will receive a credit of 1/3 of the sales price paid against the purchase of a replacement Payment Terminal).