5.2 POS First Line Support

Adyen only provides POS First Line Support if specifically agreed in the Merchant Agreement. For this service, a monthly fee per Payment Terminal applies as agreed in the Merchant Agreement.

If Adyen does not provide POS First Line Support, Merchant itself is responsible for all first line support activities to the end users of the Payment Terminals (e.g. store staff) including all onsite activities with respect to the Payment Terminals.

POS First Line Support consists of:

  • Terminal support: general technical troubleshooting related to Adyen's platform and Payment Terminal software:
    • Help identify network issues
    • Payment device issues
    • Account configuration
    • Other urgent problems and inquiries, such as theft, fraud or performance issues
  • Transaction support: troubleshooting with regards to particular transactions:
    • Payment statuses: refunds and refusal reasons
    • Payment retries
    • MOTO payments: ability to perform payments over the phone in case of network outage.

This service will be available under the conditions below in English. Support in French, German, Dutch and other additional languages may also be made available in the relevant business hours.

The access numbers will be provided to Merchant separately.