5.3 End-user and on-site support (Merchant responsibility)

Merchant is responsible for:

  1. providing all user support to the end users of the Payment Terminals (the in-store personnel);
  2. performing all on-site activities in the stores where the Payment Terminals are to be used; and
  3. only if Adyen's POS First Line support has not been procured by Merchant, performing initial analysis and troubleshooting of issues arising in the use of a Payment Terminal prior to engaging Adyen to resolve such issue.

If Merchant cannot resolve the issue itself, Adyen's Second Line Support is available to assist Merchant as set out in section 5.4 below.

Merchant's responsibilities include:

  • Being available to accept delivery of Payment Terminals at the designated address during regular business hours.
  • In the event of damage potentially affecting the functionality or security of a Payment Terminal (e.g. broken casing, screen or keypad), loss, theft or destruction of a Payment Terminal, informing Adyen immediately, and in no event later than 24 hours after discovery of the incident, by sending an email to possupport@adyen.com with serial number of the Payment Terminal (if available) and identifying appropriate contacts at Merchant who will be available for follow-up. In addition, as soon as possible but ultimately 5 Business Days after discovery of the incident, Merchant will provide Adyen (by email to possupport@adyen.com) with a complete description of the details of the incident and summarize all efforts undertaken/planned to investigate the incident and secure the information and Payment Terminals at issue.
  • Installing and configuring Payment Terminals on site in accordance with the applicable installation and configuration instructions provided for the Payment Terminal. If Merchant wishes to connect Payment Terminals to a POS Device, Merchant is also responsible for such installation and connection.
  • Only if Adyen's POS First Line support has not been procured by Merchant: for Payment Terminal issues which cannot be resolved by Merchant, Merchant should determine whether the issue is a malfunction in the Payment Terminal Hardware or in the POS Software. Depending on the outcome of the analysis (by Merchant or by Adyen's POS First Line Support, as applicable):
    • For hardware issues in the Payment Terminal, follow the repair/replacement procedure described in section 3 above; and
    • For POS Software issues, contact Adyen's Second Line Support helpdesk as set out in section 5.4 below.

For business continuity reasons, Merchant is advised to have a central spare stock per region.

Merchant must ensure that a central point of contact is available for its end users (e.g. in-store personnel) in case of questions/issues. Such central point of contact should be sufficiently trained to deal with such end user questions.

To enable Merchant's central point of contact to perform the above end user support tasks, Adyen will make material and training available to Merchant on a 'train-the-trainer' basis.

If Adyen's POS First Line Support has not been procured by Merchant, these Merchant central points of contact will be Adyen's contact persons for any requests to Adyen support (and accordingly Merchant's in-store personnel should not contact Adyen Second Line Support directly).